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Submitted on
November 12, 2012


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Hello everyone~ Recently I took a break doing commissions because I had a bunch of personal pictures to draw for my OCs.  Although I didnt finish the list off, I felt I made good enough progress to begin commissions again :D

:star:Bleach OC Commission:star:
Bleach OC: Vahan, Bankai by RtenzoBleach OC: Dyo Kagoshima by RtenzoBleach OC: Caius Aegis, Shikai by RtenzoBleach OC: Eynokey by Rtenzo
Matsunami, Incomplete Fullbring by RtenzoBleach Reborn: The Heroes by RtenzoSaitou Shinoda, Bankai by RtenzoBleach OC: Yukiko Senzai, Bankai by Rtenzo

+35-40USD, +20USD for 2nd character, +15USD for every character after
+3500-4000:points:, +2000:points: for 2nd character, +1500:points: for every character after
+Prices may vary based on complexity

-Bleach OCs only
-Appearance and Pose picture references MUST be provided, I do not work off descriptions
-Spirits, Pets, Small characters may cost extra
-No Outfits with complicated patterns
-No Armor/Mecha
-No Refunds

:star:Bleach Canon Commission:star:
Grimmjow's Date by RtenzoSaving the Day by RtenzoNelliel vs Yoruichi by Rtenzothe Avatar of Sacrifice by Rtenzo
The Death and Strawberry Finale by RtenzoDropping by by RtenzoSky Leopardess by RtenzoDating Sung-Sun by Rtenzo

+30-35USD, +20USD for 2nd character, +15USD for every character after
+3000-3500:points:, +2000:points: for 2nd character, +1500:points: for every character after
+Prices may vary based on complexity

-Pose picture references MUST be provided
-No Outfits with complicated patterns
-No Refunds

:star:Bleach Ecchi Commission:star: Collaboration with :iconaw08:
Bleach OC: Fiona Duvalier by Ecchi-EnzoRukia-chan wants to leave Wonderland by Ecchi-EnzoMy Hero Kon by Ecchi-EnzoLovely Complex Effect by Ecchi-Enzo
Take your pick by Ecchi-EnzoCrowd Pleaser by Ecchi-EnzoThe First Date by RtenzoStruggle by Ecchi-Enzo

+35-40USD, +20USD for 2nd character, +15USD for every character after
+3500-4000:points:, +2000:points: for 2nd character, +1500:points: for every character after
+Topless nudity with nipples visible, gigantic breast and ass cost extra
+Prices may vary based on complexity
+Colors and Background done by AW08

-No Yaoi, Fetish-y, Furry
-Nothing that violates dA policies
-Pose, background and outfit picture references MUST be provided
-No Refunds

-----Process----- (By commissioning me, you agree to my terms and process.  I reserve the right to sell HD copies of commissions with the watermark)

1) Note me with your request, include links to picture references to help me better understand what you want. BE SPECIFIC.

2) Send payment thru Paypal. I will not begin on the sketch until I receive payment. This is to ensure that no one runs off with the sketch or renegotiate the pricing after a sketch was provided.

3) I provide you with a sketch of your commission and you tell me what changes you want if any

4) Although not necessary, if you give me the approval to move onto coloring, I will without providing a sketch

5) I lineart the picture then I pass it off to my friend so he can color it. If my partner is not coloring it, I will color and complete the picture.

6) =AW08 completes the picture and emails it off to you. Commission complete.

Important: you MUST be patient. AW08 and I are busy with our own priorities such as school and work. As a result, commissions may take anywhere from 1-8 weeks to complete. I will keep you updated.

-----Slots----- (People who pay gets priority)
1) DeadmanInc285 (FINISHED)
2) reesharr (FINISHED)
3) Miyu2200 (FINISHED)
4) Me96 (FINISHED)
5) LadyoftheSeireitei (FINISHED)
6) reesharr (FINISHED)
7) Yoh-Zala (FINISHED)
8) KuromaruKenshi (FINISHED)
10) dagdamor1 (FINISHED)
11) dagdamor1 (FINISHED)
12) dagdamor1 (FINISHED)
13) dagdamor1 (Coloring)
14) dagdamor1 (Coloring)
15) dagdamor1 (Coloring)
16) Me96 (FINISHED)
17) darck9 (FINISHED)
18) AlbinoEisbaer (FINISHED)
19) reesharr (FINISHED)
20) reesharr (FINISHED)
21) reesharr (Coloring)
22) reesharr (Coloring)
23) reesharr (Coloring)
24) reesharr (Coloring)
25) reesharr (Coloring)
26) reesharr (Coloring)
27)  darck9 (Paid/OC)
28) Iknowyourweakness (FINISHED)
29) oul (FINISHED)
30) cronomatt (Not Paid/Canon)
31) cronomatt (Not Paid/Canon)
32) cronomatt (Not Paid/Canon)
33) augustus10 (FINISHED)
34) jazzeon09 (Coloring)
35) jazzeon09 (Coloring)
36) DeadmanInc285 (Paid/Canon)
37) Obsidian-haunt (Paid/OC)
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BlasterAdreis Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just wondering, if you need reference pics for the character, do they have to be in anime form? Because I can't draw anime at all at the moment :(
you dont have to draw it, if your OC looks like characters from another anime, you can link me a picture of that character
BlasterAdreis Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh OK. Thanks.
Obsidian-haunt Jan 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ok are you still taking commissions and do you send the final copy to the commissioners. oh and I can only pay you with points is that ok
yes thats okay :)
Obsidian-haunt Jan 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
ok expect your points within the day
Cool, lemme know when you send em :)
Obsidian-haunt Jan 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
No prob
snowpups123 Dec 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
just out of curiosity, how much would a picture of two characters kissing cost??
probably be the two character price
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