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September 11, 2012
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Saitou Shinoda, Bankai by Rtenzo Saitou Shinoda, Bankai by Rtenzo
This is Saitou Shinoda, Matsunami's older brother and former captain of division 9. 200 years before the story, he went rogue and defected from Soul Society. He serves as the main antagonist for the second arc of Matsunami's story. He returns to the story when Matsunami begins her Shinoda clan training, passing down the secrets of their clan to her.

Esemi Yumegetsu (似非神ゆめ月, False God Dreaming Moon) is the name of Saitou Shinoda's Bankai. When Saito activates Bankai, Yumegetsu's Shikai is engulfed in a large torrent of fire that quickly surrounds Saito's form and spreads around violently like a tornado. After a few seconds, the twister of flames begins to weaken and spread, revealing Saito's Bankai. Yumegetsu's sword has disappeared, instead replaced with a floating, bifurcated avatar wearing what appears to be samurai armor, along with an opened mouthed dragon helmet with the avatar's bright white eyes being the only visible parts of it's face. In it's right hand, it carries a large, flaming daito longsword that is used for melee combat. In it's left hand, however, it carries a large circular mirror that is attached to a smaller, ticking clock.

Bankai Special Ability: Saitou Shinoda's Bankai brings forth an enormous avatar capable of movement dictated by his will. The enormous daito wielded by the avatar is capable of releasing enormous bursts of reiatsu upon contact, able to effortlessly change the landscape in which the battle is taking place. Due to the power of his Bankai, the amount of times Saitou may activate it is limited.

Unmei Ori Akuma Niyotte Saiku Reta (運命織り悪魔によって細工された天の壁 Walls of Heaven, Crafted by Fate Weaving Demon): This is a technique within Esemi Yumegetsu's arsenal that can only be used one time for each time that the Bankai is activated. Unmei Ori Akuma Niyotte Saiku Reta is a defensive technique in where Saito creates three, glass like barriers between himself and his opponent, none of which can be destroyed physically. These barriers each represent a particular emotion, an emotion that ties heavily with the aspect of destiny. Saito states that, while other people can also be a major driving factor for a person's destiny, the actual individual's emotions are even more important in the journey to achieve their fate. The three emotions are, in order from the first barrier to the last, regret, love, and fear. In order for the opponent to destroy these barriers, the opponent must be able to overcome the emotion that drives them. For instance, in order to destroy the barrier of regret, the opponent must look back on the one thing in their journey that they regret most, the loss of their home, their loved ones, failures, and anything of the sort, and they must be able to forgive themselves for that regret as they see said event unfold before them in the barrier's broad side. Saito states that this technique is much better suited for training, as well as helping whoever the person he's using it on, recover from despair or misery.

Sasayaki (ささやき Whispers): This power is activated as soon as Esemi Yumegetsu is activated. Sasayaki is a haunting power that forces the opponent to witness silhouettes of people that have heavily influenced them in the past. Saito states that, since Esemi Yumegetsu focuses on the aspect of destiny, the people that are most important to the individual are the main form of resolve and drive for that person to achieve their destiny. If these people have died during the person's journey, or had become part of a tragic event that had taken place in their travels, the individual's resolve can be shaken, and their destiny left unfinished. Thus, these silhouettes of close relationship to the opponent begin to appear randomly throughout their battle with Saito, questioning the morals and motivations of the opponent and heavily shaking their resolve. These images of people are odd in that, when they appear, the environment around them will shift and change, taking on a more orange tinted hue. The silhouettes themselves are strange for having glowing orange eyes and mouths.

Owari no Nai Kisetsu (終わりのない季節 Season Unending): One of the more mind-jarring techniques used by Esemi Yumegetsu, Owari no Nai Kisetsu is a power used to confuse the opponent's perception of mental and physical planes of existance. In order to initiate the technique, Esemi Yumegetsu's avatar raises it's large mirror into the air and a bright flash shoots out from it's form, briefly blinding the opponent due to the intensity of the flash. From the time that they open their eyes on out, the opponent will begin to see two different battles. The first battle taking place within their mind, where the laws of physics have no real meaning, and the second battle taking place in the real world. The opponent's mind will switch back and forth between these two battles, eventually losing track of which one is real and which one is not, losing their grip on reality.

Unmei Saishū Dankai no Shukufuku (運命の最終段階の祝福 Final Stage, Blessing of Fate): The final ability used by Esemi Yumegetsu, Unmei Saishu Dankai no Shukufuku is a dangerous power that can only be activated after a certain amount of time has elapsed. The technique is initiated once the big hand from Saito's clock has gone in a full circle, an hour since the Bankai had been activated. Then, Saito states the name of the power, and without them even noticing, the opponent is trapped within an infinite loop in where their actions will repeat themselves overtime as the battle progresses. In reality, the opponent's body is still, unmoving as if it were in a trance, while the actual battle from their point of view is taking place deep within the mind. This technique is especially dangerous due to the fact that, once it is finished, the opponent's sanity is utterly gone, faded from existance after having to relive the same movements over and over, no matter how they try to escape it. Saito states that, while his Shikai ability, Kami no Te, was capable of defying destiny, this power is what decides destiny. When Unmei Saishu Dankai no Shukufuku is finally over, Esemi Yumegetsu is deactivated, the battle finished.

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StekinoMai 23 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
A lot like Susanoo
sarakusu Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
This isn't a bankai..... This is my creation the ''Susanaoo" Not all people's hear 'bout me but i'm the first son of Rikudou. The Susanaoo is a big monster a chakra monster and his bankai looks very much like Susanaoo it's based by Kishimoto's Susanaoo project, right.
it is like from naruto "sasuke,itachi and madara"
While i want to say it's a rip of Susano'o, It's too amazing to insult.
yep its sooo epic
Omg Gildarts using susanoo :) nice
Holy shit Rtenzo! Masashi Kishimoto copied off of your OC's bankai!!
he also stole my girlfriend
*looks up at the sky while it's raining* KISHIMOTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that this isn't Susanoo, but the way that you're able to incorporate its features from Naruto to Bleach for this OC, is ridiculously amazing! The glowing blue eyes inside the dragon's mouth, the giant mirror & watch, and flaming sword with the flames in the background, all incredible! Please show more of him when you have the chance, cause you've did wonderfully with creating this!
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