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September 9, 2012
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Matsunami Shinoda, Bankai by Rtenzo Matsunami Shinoda, Bankai by Rtenzo
This is Matsunami's bankai and hollow mask as it appears at the beginning of her story, before her fullbring merged with her shinigami powers

Chishi Gurengetsu (致死紅蓮月, Deadly Crimson Moon) is the name of Matsunami Shinodaís Bankai. Upon release, she is engulfed in a pillar of reiatsu emanating with electricity. As the the battlefield settles, she emerges from the smoke wielding dual chainsaw-like blades. At the pommel end of her zanpakutou is a cloth of reiatsu that wraps around her arms that leads to her back where all the reishi from the area is drawn. This gives Matsunami the appearance of segmented wings of reiatsu, earning her the title of Tenshi Guren (天使紅蓮, Crimson Angel)

Bankai Special Abilities: The rotating chainsaw tips of Matsunamiís Bankai wears down the durability of nearly any object it touches. It primarily use is to chip away at the zanpakutou and armor of enemies. Pieces broken from her blade is absorbed by her zanpakutou to empower its wielder. Reishi used to empower her increases her speed, strength, durability and resilience. Alternatively, she may release all the reishi absorbed, along with her own reiatsu, into an extremely destructive Getsuga Tensho-like energy attack.

Enhanced Enviromental Absorption: Like her Shikai, Matsunamiís Bankai is able to passively absorb the structure of the environment, breaking it down to reishi particles to absorb and empower her, but at an accelerated rate. This ability can heal minor wounds and burns. As the battle drags on, her power gradually rises.

Matter Conversion: Chishi Gurengetsu is able to passively convert the Kishi (Physical Matter) of her surroundings into Reishi (Spiritual Matter), allowing her to effectively fight in the world of the living. Additionally, by converting the surrounding area into Reishi, Matsunami is able to "see" the battlefield more clearly.

Energy Absorption: Matsunami is able to forcibly siphon the reiatsu of her opponents to empower her. This ability also allows her to dissipate reiatsu/reiryoku based attacks as long as the power is not greater than hers. This ability cannot be used immediately after another as it taxes Matsunami mentally.

Enhanced Energy Manipulation: Like her Shikai, Chishi Gurengetsu can produce and manipulate crimson-colored energy but at a much greater capacity. While a fairly simple ability, the manipulation of energy can range from shields, to nets for capturing purposes, to attacks reminescent of the Getsuga Tensho

Thanks to *Zanpakuto-leader for the abilities and fixes

If you like this picture, check out my last deviation:

Matsunami Shinoda © *Rtenzo
Bleach © Kubo Tite
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Should definitely be in the canon.
AkaiYuri Jul 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Your awesome at designing weapons!
A hell of a shinigami
Amazing work......Omg are those chainsaws *____*
please make more matsunami I love her
Rashie-kun Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing, I really love the mask! XD
TiaHarribel93 Nov 24, 2012  Student Artist
Very cool!!!
LordFreeza Nov 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
awesome info
this is so cool!!!
I'm astounded by how you were able to develop dual sawblades for Matsunami. Plus, the way her reiatsu comes from the end of her Zanpakuto to wrap around her arms to form the segmented wings on her back, is awesome! You can't go wrong with ZL explaining the abilities of OC characters! Having him do that was a bonus for you! Still, it's Matsunami, and I enjoy seeing her pics! Wonderful work in making this pic!
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