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October 28, 2012
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Matsunami, Complete Fullbring by Rtenzo Matsunami, Complete Fullbring by Rtenzo
Awhile ago I drew Matsunami's incomplete Fullbring, now I finally had the chance to do her complete Fullbring form.

Mind Heist (ミンド ヘースト Mindo Heisuto) is the name of Matsunami's Fullbring. The object of her Fullbring is her Lieutenant's Badge. When she uses her Fullbring influence, her body is covered in armor protecting her chest, shoulder, arms and lower torso area. From the back of her skirt-like armor drapes a waist cape and from her badge, a nodachi is formed from her reiatsu. Her abilities is classified as a clad-type Fullbring.

Fullbring Special Ability: Mind Heist's special ability is to cut an opponent with her blade and plant a thought into their minds, a "suggestion". To those affected by this ability, it doesn't matter if they are opposed to the thought as it could go against everything they stand for, they feel a powerful urge to obey it. Most frightening is that the ability makes it seem as if the thought came from their own minds. Should the afflicted disobey the suggestion, their concentration is divided in combat. The more thoughts Matsunami plants in the opponents mind, the more difficult it is for them to concentrate which in turn, makes it easier for Matsunami to continue to land this ability. The suggestions will fade when either she dies, the victim can no longer coherently think, or the task has been completed. When Matsunami uses this ability, her victims do not experience any physical injury, despite feeling the sword cutting through them.

Had this design in my stash for 4-5 months. Was inspired by various Marvel/DC characters which is why she looks superhero-ish. Fullbringers are pretty much superheroes right? even Giriko Kutsuzawa turned into the Hulk when he fought Kenpachi :D

If you like this picture, check out my last deviation:

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ChojinRyu750 Mar 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
very nice work
DeathNinja07 Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
-hits the imaginary like button-
sonicwe23 Dec 27, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
ShinzuiKG Oct 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Awesome and Hot~
mind heist, im deffinitely not going to make her made :iconscaredplz: mindplay, daaaamn
She looks amazing! I love the character design!
way awsome
ye thats her power boobies :drool:
Bad ass and sexy too.
Oh my yes! She just became so much cooler if that were possible! And That outfit!~<3
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