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Bleach: Legend of X

Sequel that takes place 30-40 years after Matsunami Gaiden. The story deals with Xavier Williams / Hiten Kusanagi having to unite all the clans in Soul Society to face Kaiser's army in a 3rd Spiritual World War

Main Characters:
Xavier Williams/Hiten Kusanagi, Bankai by RtenzoBleach OC: Kaede Makoto by RtenzoEiji Nakamura, Fullbring: Shinigami form by RtenzoEiji Nakamura, Fullbring: Quincy form by RtenzoEiji Nakamura, Fullbring: Arrancar form by RtenzoBleach OC: Natsume Honda (Adopted) by RtenzoBleach OC: Natsume Honda, Bankai (Adopted) by Rtenzo

Main Supporting Characters: (Part of the main group circle)
Korr... Bleach OC: Asami Amekaze by RtenzoBleach OC: Yuriko Shihoin by RtenzoBleach OC: Shikijou Yamazaki by Ecchi-EnzoBleach OC: Raizen Shou by RtenzoShura Akeyama, 3rd Division VC by RtenzoRubii Tenryuu, Princess of the Tenryuu Clan by Rtenzo

Supporting Characters:
Hiko Kusanagi, Head of the Kusanagi clan by RtenzoTier Harri.. Bleach OC: Hou Mei Xing by RtenzoNew Hero, New Story by RtenzoTaiyohime Kuriyue Shinoda no Choujo by RtenzoBefore the Moon (Adopted) by Rtenzo

Minor Supporting Characters:
Jin Akeyama, 3rd Division Captain by RtenzoYumi Ozawa, 4th Division Captain by Rtenzo

Yhwac.. Bleach OC: Kaiser by RtenzoBleach OC: Keiko Nakamura by RtenzoMask de Feminine, The Superstar by RtenzoSchwarz Sieger, The Cure by Rtenzo

The Filler Arcs - Side Stories
Deals with Side stories and random events that occur in between the major story arcs. Fillers are not considered Canon.
A Soul Society (OC) Christmas by RtenzoWhy'd you stop? by Rtenzo



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Matthew Wong
United States
Main Account: :iconrtenzo: *Rtenzo
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I will be posting my non-ecchi/regular pictures on this account FROM NOW ON and ecchi/sexy pictures on my Ecchi account. Please support both :D
Hey folks

My friend :iconblue-armor: is looking for someone to write up detailed profiles for his large list of Bleach OCs

Additionally hes looking for someone experienced with Wikis to help set up a wiki for his bleach story

Lemme know, send me a note, will pay a lot of points for your help. Willing to pay thru paypal alternatively.  Thanks!

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Matsunami Gaiden (Brief Summary)

The Revenge Arc - The Beginning
The beginning of the story. Betrayed by Soul Society and left for dead, Matsunami returns from death 150 years later to confront the man responsible for her hollowfication. Struggling to control her inner hollow and retain her humanity, Matsunami learns that there was more to her death than a simple betrayal. Major notable event includes the first time Matsunami’s inner hollow takes over to participate in combat
Crimson Invasion Arc begins by RtenzoMatsunami Resurreccion by RtenzoBleach OC: Vahan, Bankai by RtenzoBleach OC: Vahan, Hollowfied Bankai by RtenzoBleach OC: Shinoda Matsunami by Rtenzo

Commissioned: (Not my art, but important to the story)
My inner world by Arya-AiedailMatsunami 2nda etapa. by SKurasa<--- Inner Hollow

The Past Arc - Turn Back the Pendulum
Flashback 200 years ago and explores the events that leads up to the current story. Focuses on Matsunami and Saitou's past, dealing with their time in Soul Society. Beginning with Matsunami’s birth and banishment, chronicles her life with her older brother living in Seireitei. Major events include Matsunami coping with Saitou’s sudden departure and defection from Soul Society at a young age, her ascension to 9th Division Lt, and the final days of her life leading up to the betrayal in Hueco Mundo.
Saitou Shinoda, Shikai by RtenzoTimes I cannot forget by RtenzoMatsunami 135 years ago by RtenzoRaising the Shield by RtenzoMemories I'll Never Forget by Rtenzo

Commissioned: (Not my art, but important to the story)
Paypal Commission - Saito of Squad 9 by Zanpakuto-Leader Saito Shinoda Infobox by Zanpakuto-Leader

The Revelation Arc - Ghost of the Past
Deals with Matsunami confronting her brother for the first time in 200 years. Major events includes complete defeat for Matsunami and Vahan to Saitou, Matsunami and Vahan's Jinzen training, Major rematch battle with her brother, Saitou freeing Vahan of his inner hollow. Saitou being sealed away and revealing to Vahan the true reason for his defection and Matsunami losing her shinigami powers.
Matsunami after Dangai training by RtenzoSaitou Shinoda, Bankai by RtenzoIf our roles were reversed, Would you... by RtenzoProud of you by RtenzoMatsunami Shinoda, After Jinzen training in Dangai by Rtenzo

Commissioned: (Not my art, but important to the story)
Commisssion - Saito Shinoda by Zanpakuto-Leader Fighting over Karakura by Arya-Aiedail Matsunami vs Vahan by AFunny Matsunami Shinoda Screenshot by Zanpakuto-LeaderMatsunami and Vahan - Jinzen stance by Arya-Aiedail

The Fullbringer Arc - Welcome to our KHRYSEIS
Deals with Matsunami adjusting to life as a human. Major events include her being recruited to a fullbringer organization: KHRYSEIS whose purpose is to stop an opposing fullbringer organization.
Starting Over by RtenzoMatsunami, Incomplete Fullbring by RtenzoMatsunami, Complete Fullbring by RtenzoFullbringer Combat: Shinjuro vs Matsunami REMATCH by RtenzoForget me, because I Hate Goodbyes by Rtenzo

Commissioned: (Not my art, but important to the story)
Commish - Shinjuro Sakunoshin by Zanpakuto-LeaderBleach OC: Fullbringer Sakon Yamagishi by Xerevantes

The Shinoda Clan Arc: Part I - Final Arc: Origins
Flashback through time back up to as far as a thousand years ago to the first Shinigami-Quincy Blood war to learn the origins of the Shinoda Clan. Major pivotal events include two former Sternritters breaking off from the Wandenreich Empire to later establish the Shinoda clan, Taiyohime Shinoda becoming the first head of the clan, Kaiser becoming the second head of the clan and Nobunaga becoming the third and current head of the clan. How Nobunaga establishes a survival of the fittest philosophy and becomes head of the clan is revealed.
The Founders of the Shinoda Clan by Rtenzo Taiyohime Kuriyue Shinoda no Choujo by RtenzoMarielle Schrodinger, The Emotion by Rtenzo Strahd von Zarovich, The Decay by Rtenzo Yhwac.. Bleach OC: Kaiser by Rtenzo Nobunaga Shinoda, Head of the Shinoda Clan by Rtenzo

The Shinoda Clan Arc: Part II - Final Arc: Destiny
With her powers restored by her older brother, Matsunami confronts the head of the Shinoda clan, the man responsible for her banishment at birth and Saitou’s defection from Soul Society. Overwhelmingly defeated, she sets off to learn the techniques of her clan. Major events include Saitou fighting his childhood friend Keiji Shinoda, Saitou Shinoda’s bankai mastery training in Hell and his recovery of Hitomi Shinoda’s soul, Imouto-chan saving Matsunami from Nobunaga, Matsunami training under Taiyohime Shinoda to learn the ways of her clan and Kaiser returning to aid Nobunaga. Taiyohime learns that her destiny is to change Matsunami’s to redeem the Shinoda clan
Matsunami, Fullbring-clad Shinigami form by Rtenzo Matsunami Shinoda, Wanderer by Rtenzo Prepare for Bankai by Rtenzo Symbol of the Shinoda clan by Rtenzo Meeting Troll-girl by Rtenzo Crossroads of Destiny by RtenzoWho Are You by Rtenzo

Commissioned: (Not my art, but important to the story)
Femme Fatale by Xerevantes Paypal Commission - Matsunami Bankai Mastery by Zanpakuto-Leader

The Shinoda Clan Arc: Part III - Final Arc: Finale
War of the Shinoda Clan. As the final battle draws near, Matsunami achieves peace with her inner hollow, or so she thought. The inner hollow’s takeover of Matsunami’s spiritual being forces her soul to rebooted in order to purge the invader. Saitou returns from hell mastering his Bankai and bringing along Hitomi Shinoda. Taiyohime faces Kaiser and learns the fate of the founders of the Shinoda clan. Major events includes Matsunami gaining full control over her new zanpakuto abilities and mastering all of the basic and intermediate Shinoda clan abilities, Saitou’s rematch with Keiji, Keiji reuniting with his sister Hitomi, Nobunaga fighting 6 members of the Shinoda clan at the same time in a 3 stage battle, (Normal, mask, full hollow form).
Saitou Shinoda, Bankai Mastery by Rtenzo Swaying Heart, Enemies no longer by Rtenzo The REBOOTED Soul, a Heart of Frost and Fire by Rtenzo The REBOOTED Soul, a Heart of FROSTFIRE by Rtenzo Nobunaga Shinoda, Full Hollow form by Rtenzo Bleach OC: Tsukiyama Shinoda (Adopted) by Rtenzo Bleach OC: Date Subarashii Shinoda by Rtenzo Hitomi Shinoda, Guardian of the Shinoda Clan by Rtenzo

Commissioned: (Not my art, but important to the story)
Gift- The Ultimate Tag Team (Shinoda/Schrodinger) by Xerevantes Bruunhilde Schrodinger: Volstandig Concept by Xerevantes

The Matsunami Gaiden Epiloque - Prequel to Legend of X
The closing chapter. Taiyohime purges Kaiser of his quincy powers effectively removing him from the Thousand Year Bloodwar. Nobunaga is banished and roams the world of the living before settling in a dojo in the outskirts of Karakura. Matsunami Shinoda becomes the 4th Head of the Shinoda Clan
Taiyohime vs Kaiser, Matsunami Gaiden Finale by RtenzoMatsunami Shinoda, Sage of the Shinoda Clan by Rtenzo New Hero, New Story by Rtenzo

The Filler Arcs - Side Stories
Deals with Side stories and random events that occur in between the major story arcs. Fillers are not considered Canon.

Bleach Reborn: The War Powers by RtenzoBleach Reborn: The Heroes by RtenzoBonds by RtenzoOne of us, One of them by RtenzoBlonde Fury by RtenzoShiro vs Matsunami by RtenzoA Peaceful Day by RtenzoMatsunami Shinoda, Reikai by RtenzoMatsunami Shinoda, Bankai by RtenzoSpecial Surprise by RtenzoSpecial Surprise II by Ecchi-EnzoSaitou Shinoda, Timeskip by Rtenzo


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boredkitty 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have such wonderful well done characters, i can't wait to see more of it all~
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Semir10000 Apr 9, 2014  New member
hello its me and i made my own ben 10 series i call ben 10 omega alien, anyway i make my own aliens and i have thousands of ideas,me and a guy named rafa-10 are currently working on it, i make most of the aliens and alien ideas,episodes,seasons,and a lot of things,he is making a lot of the main characters kenny aliens that i Thoth of. but we could need some help and i took a look at your art and i would like to ask if you want to join are team and help make ben 10 omega force. type me back.


this are what i made so far what do you think.
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Your works are great!
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Axizz Apr 7, 2014  Student General Artist
You have to have THE most amazing Bleach OC's and Art I have EVER seen. 

I have an OC but I can't draw him NEARLY this good. I also can't draw or copy styles at all. 

You make me jealous beyond belief and I want you to know hate you, but find you amazing all at the same time. 

You're truly an amazing person and I hope you become president of the world one day. 
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